CLIENT: Sennheiser
Year: 2015

ADC 2015 Bronze
ADC 2015 Finalist
Die Klappe 2015 Finalist
Behance R/GA Feature

Sennheiser headphones have become an icon for perfect sound and the inspiration for people with MOMENTUM. The obsession with sound manifests itself in every last detail. From the high-quality materials such as the brushed stainless steel and leather, to the seamless manufacturing processes and technologies. This headphone series is inspired by people with momentum and we show these extraordinary people.

We visited Sound and Music Artist such as Nigel Stanford, Imogen Heap, Pedro Reyes, Nik Nowak, Honne and Portugal the Man. In a series of documentaries and snack sized media formats we discussed what inspires them and what their individual purpose is all about.

Sennheiser presents musician Nigel Stanford from New Zealand, an artist who continues to wow fans with his unique combination
of electronic music and science-based music videos.

Nigel stanford Artist Film:
watch the Casefilm:

Nik Nowak never stands still. Nor do his futuristic sound sculptures. Nik Nowak has MOMENTUM.
His Sound Vehicles runs on caterpillar tracks while Nik fires from every one of the speakers.
I met him in berlin and we accompanied him two days at his workshop and in his favourite places.

Nik Nowak artist film:

HONNE has built up a considerable audience (half a billion streams) that flocks to electro-romantic concerts worldwide –
their warm up show in London was sold out in minutes. I met them in London and portrayed them a day in shoreditch.

honne arist film:

Disarm is a second generation of art instruments Reyes built after Imagine (2012), also using the remnants
of weapons that the Mexican army had collected and destroyed.

Piedro Reyes Artist Film:

Human Harp is an instrument that clips to suspension cables, enabling us to hear and play a bridge’s song. Founded by artist Di Mainstone.
We met her in London and talked about her outstanding way of creating sound and music with bridges.

Di mainstone Artist Film:

Imogen continuously rediscovers music and sound. She developed the world’s most advanced wearable musical instrument,
for expressive creation, composition and performance. We talked with her about here work and purpose in London.

imogen heap Artist Film:
Portugal the man artist film

Incessantly on a quest for the unexpected and inspiring, the Portland-based musicians from Portugal the Man were among the
first to try the new Headphones. We spend a day talking with them about music passion and artists on the move.

Portugal the man film:
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