Change like never before. Never in the history of mankind has there been more change in ever shorter cycles. Due to our extremely high degree of networking and mutually dependent innovations, we are seeing changes on an unprecedented scale. Whether economic, political or in terms of dimensions such as inclusiveness, diversity and equal opportunities, no time has held more change in store. Humanity is more political than ever. And they fight: Digital and analog as well. Young and old. It positions itself, it reacts to changes and it takes to the streets. The great concerns of humanity are also issues for which people are burning or for which they want to take a stand. And even the Corona Pandemic is only a symbol for a larger question:

How do you manage brands in a world of constant change?
By finding the shared passion between brands, humans and culture.
This is the Methodology of the Passion Point.


There are a lot of discussions going on about defining a purpose, being user centric and taking responsibility for cultural change. All right and true. But the challenge is to align and touch all of them. With the triad of the brand’s purpose (i.e. „Why does my brand exist in the world“), what drives humans/audiences, and what’s culturally relevant, you have the „Passion Point“: a shared passion that works authentically between brand, society, technologies and people. 

If I develop a narrative out of an insight or a problem which connects my brand and my product with current developments in society, and can communicate this in a way never seen before, then I have successfully differentiated. This is what I call „Culture Driven Narrative Experiences“. A „narrative experience“ means to create an experience that has a lasting impression on humans. It is about creating an environment for (brand) stories that become the story of those we’re telling it to. I try to offer people (on behalf of the brand) an experience that solves their problems, triggers them emotionally or simply becomes a valuable experience. 

This leads you to spot gaps in the market and drive innovation, as well as to develop a better understanding of your target group and their mindsets based on a social and cultural impulse. Do things that matter to humans! Tell stories that become their story. I believe in Narrative Experiences that convert humans into fans and I aim to change the way brands communicate: by putting the human in the center of all communication and create stories that become the story of those we are telling them to.


I believe in data and cultural / social listening as a starting point for every creative brief. The most important question always is how to provide something meaningful or valuable to our clients, their audience and followers. Valuable means a teaching moment, an inspiration, or something entertaining. Creating an experience that becomes the narrative of those we are telling it to. I call this a Narrative Experience.

If you know your brand, know your customers and understand cultural influence and impact on humans, the overlapping field to start working and creating unseen concepts is the shared passion. With the passion point I start to search for topics or insights that can become the spark for a Narrative Experience. As a result this can be a new Digital Product or Service, a new VR or AR – Brand Experience or an unseen and untold film-story. It is the aim to combine human, brand and narrative experiences into something unique.

My clients are worldwide brands, agencies and startups with a focus on lifestyle, fashion and technology. I am working for entrepreneurs, agencies and companies in the field of creative and business consultancy, branded content, Human Experiences and Experience Design. I work hands-on and am experienced in leading complex projects and teams in all sizes and structures. My clients work directly and close with me creating a more personal working relationship. Trust is important to create the unseen!

I guide ideation workshops and help in evaluating and refining existing and new ideas.


I utilize stories, sketching and wireframes to shape ideas. I create compelling presentations and craft the certain epic look with styleframes, moodboards and storyboards up to high-end execution that can become unseen and epic lighthouses, hero content or a new business changing product.

Styleframes and early prototypes are an important form of visualization for narratives. I try to show and create a world very early on that conveys a certain mood and feeling. Together with the idea and the later storyboard, styleframes and pre- or prototypes are therefore a starting working method for developing a narrative experience. Here are some examples and sketches of recent projects.


Sketches for Mechanism and Look & Feel.
First Unreal Prototype and Visualization of this Narrative Experience for Deloitte.

First functional Prototype of the Installation. Testing the Hardware and Interactivity.


Documentation of the creative development of the narrative experience .


From first Sketches to early CGI and Animation Styleframes.



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