CLIENT: polestar
AGENCY: acne
YEAR: 2020

The Swedish Volvo E-Mobility Brand Polestar is launching its first all-electric model. ACNE has developed a global launch campaign for this. However, the campaign does not highlight the advantages of electric driving, but rather the new infotainment system in Polestar 2. Together with the electric car, the Google-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) will be introduced, which is based on Android and comes with a range of integrated Google apps and services. The system works with voice control and supports the user not only with directions but also with other useful topics such as the display and availability of charging stations, music control, creation of shopping lists and reminders of important dates.

The almost two-minute campaign film takes up some of these features with humorous storytelling: In the clip, directed by director Tomas Skoging, an unconventional uncle and niece team borrows the Polestar 2 for a night-time joyride from the girl’s mother, thereby engaging in all kinds of mischief. The Google HMI helps to put their spontaneous ideas into action.


Digital Campaign