CLIENT: Vaillant
AGENCY: Elastique
YEAR: 2018

ADC Art Directors Club Bronze

Vaillant is a big german manufacturer for thermal heat and cooling systems. Every day they offer a guided factory tour to show and explain their products to suppliers and partners. The problem is that as the factory is highly automized it is hard ti show every construction step. Therefore we developed a highly flexible AR Kit to allow users to see and understand each building step of the product and use cases. All developed in 3D the guide allows a group of up to 20 visitors to explore little world, the various products and to follow the green Vaillant Rabbit to the next chapter of the AR-Tour.

With this highly flexible system a factory-tour-guide can underline his story with AR scenes as well as with film- and still-content. Visitors see everything in sync. Precisely positioned in space. The AR-Tour-System is build for a daily, rocksteady use with groups between 2 to 20+ visitors in 10+ languages.

Casefilm Vaillant AR Factory Tour:
The Vaillant Rabbit from the Vaillant logo was newly
rigged and animated as a virtual Guide to follow.