Client: Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG
Executive Production: Cinecore Motion Picture GmbH
Director/DoP: Max Tsui
Editing: Philipp Schneider
Sounddesign: Patrick Leuchter
Producer: Steffen Kienzle
Creative Director: Mike John Otto
Idea: Mike John Otto

Cannes Film Winner
ADC (Art Directors Club Deutschland) Bronze


What if the only resolution you made this year was to love and listen to yourself more? Finding our inner strength is quite simple in terms of how to do it, but it “seems” to take great effort to do it constantly. To find our inner strength, we must first listen to our inner voice. And to reach our inner voice, we must give up our attempts to solve problems with our own conscious, intellectual, busy minds. We need to give up the belief that we know what has to be done. We must be open to all possibilities, and we must resort to the strength and wisdom deep within us. If something needs to be done by us, our inner voice will tell us what to do. If we need something, the universe will send it to us. Now we can proceed calmly. We need not hurry, search, or change things. We can step back and be guided and cared for. This Spirit moves people and companies to do and create great things.